Reasons Why Choosing Responsive Design is Important

responsive-wordpress-themesInternet users are on the go today – wanting to visit websites on a computer as much as they are interested in seeing a webpage on their mobile device or tablet. Choosing a responsive design is a smart – and essential – factor in any new website development.

Why Use Responsive Design

When a business creates a website, there is more to consider than just creating a user-friendly page for a PC visitor. Users today want to visit a website on an iPad, Blackberry or the latest tablet – so how does a business accommodate the demands of all these visitors? With responsive design. This form of design simply means that the screen resolution is compatible with different devices, which is something any business needs to consider before designing a website. In its most basic definition, responsive design changes to the needs of the user – whether that means adjusting to a certain size of a screen, accommodating an orientation and being accessible on a range of platforms.

For example, suppose you are looking at a website on your computer and then decide to move on the iPad. Various components change, such as the size of a screen and resolution, so in order for you to have a positive experience on a website you need to be able to move from device to device with seamless results. By implementing responsive design, it would mean that a business could create a website that works on all devices. Look at the number of devices out there – the portrait and landscape views on each of them differ in size and switch between each orientation with a flip of the screen. So how can a web designer accommodate that feature? They have to design a webpage that works for both orientations.

Creating Flexible Images

There are many components to a website that need to be taken into consideration when creating a responsive design – especially images. Using any number of the available tools or techniques to resize an image for a range of resolutions is the first step to take. In addition to resolution, download times are another thing to consider!

A responsive design is becoming more common with the increase of mobile devices – so it’s important to begin implementing many of the techniques and elements into a website design sooner rather than later. You want to accommodate the needs and habits of all your visitors, and they want to have access on computers as much as on a smartphone.

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